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The Community & Monastery of
Our Lady of Glastonbury

In August 2019, Bishop Declan Lang, the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Clifton,

erected the Community of Our Lady of Glastonbury. 

We were raised to a Public Association in 2021 and our Monastery elected our Prior.

In September 2022 the Community moved to Chavagnes-en-Paillers in France to work as chaplains to the College International. 

Following the Rule of Our Holy Father, St Benedict, we teach the boys who are in our care, both spiritually and academically.

Our Monastery is in a separate section of the school grounds and we sing the  prayers of the Church and offer the Holy Mass, as monks have done through the ages. 


We live as far as possible in accordance with the Holy Rule, especially following the singing of the psalms according to the scheme which St Benedict lays forth.

You can see the school's website here.


We seek to be faithful sons of St Benedict, singing the praises of God through the prayer of the Church, and living according to the Holy Rule.


We live the life of the Holy Rule,

teaching the students in our care,

developing our minds through study,

and our body through manual work.


We live with our eyes fixed on the eternal, contemplating our mortality and praising God, our master and our Lord. 

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