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Psalterium Monasticum
Diurnæ Horæ

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Our monastery has produced a Psalterium for the day hours of the Benedictine Office. 

It is organised around the Antiphonale Monasticum produced by the Abbey of Solesmes in 1934, according to the traditional distribution of the psalms described by St Benedict in his Holy Rule.

This Psalterium is designed to be sung. Every psalm is univerally pointed for singing all 8 Modes, together with the common 39 endings, the tonus peregrinus and tonus irregularis. The psalms appear as they occur in the Antiphonale and the page refence of the Antiphonale is given at the top of each page.

Click here to see a review of the Psalterium.

The Psalterium is printed in Black and Red and is available from Amazon in hardback or softcover.

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You can download the PDF of the psalm tones and endings to use with the Psalterium or to use by themselves. You may have to adject the size and trim the paper.

Tone Sheet

Explanation of the pointing system

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