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The Monastic Horarium is outlined below.

Holy Mass for the school is in the College Chapel.

The other offices are sung in the monastery.



Matins                           4.30am

Lauds                            6.00am

Prime & Terce              7.00am

Conventual Mass        8.00am 

Sext & None                11.40am

School Mass                12.15pm

Vespers                        6.00pm

Compline                     8.45pm

Summum Silentium until Prime

Saturday & Sunday

Matins                           5.30am

Lauds                            7.00am

Prime & Terce              8.00am

Conventual Mass        8.30am

School Mass               11.00am

Sext & None               12.30pm

Vespers                        6.00pm

Compline                     9.00pm

Summum Silentium until Prime

What is 'the Office'?

St Benedict describes the work of the monk as physical labour and prayer. At the heart of this prayer is singing the psalms. These 150 ancient prayers, which come to us through the Jewish faith, are to be recited every week by St Benedict’s disciples. This is our Office. We sing the psalms according to the plan laid down in the Holy Rule, and according to the times and seasons of the liturgical year.

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