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We are a traditional Benedictine Monastery which uses the Ancient Latin Rite of Mass in our community.


In His Holy Rule, St Benedict makes provision for Holy Mass, as one would expect, but Holy Mass is not given centre stage. This is by no means to say that it would not have been the viewed as the most sublime moment of connection with the Divine, but rather that the Rule is the regulation of the everyday life of the monk. Following the sacred tradition of life in the desert, and then in community, St Benedict's Rule details first and foremost the regulation of the Psalms and how the Office is to be followed, and how we monks are to live together so that we may get to heaven.

In our Community we follow the traditional liturgical office books published in 1934, which in turn follow the sacred tradition of our order. And so our Conventual Mass (the Mass of the community of monks) follows the same Mass, so that our life in choir (in our prayers and psalms) and our life at the altar, may be in harmony.


We follow all of the liturgical practices which were in our order before the reforms of the mid-twentieth century, and we have are our particular calendar.

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